The Rennie: It’s a Pet’s Life

Blog, 29. 01. 19

With its party room, entertaining terrace, and state-of-the-art fitness center — not to mention the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem itself,  which grooves with cafes, boutiques, bars, and music, day and night — The Rennie knows how to pamper its human residents. But did you know that these stylish Harlem condos for sale are also a perfect fit for pets? When there’s a top dog in your life, The Rennie and its surroundings can cater to both of you in style. Here’s how.

New York is a great city for walking — and if we know one thing about dogs, it’s that they jump at any chance for walkies. In the part of Harlem The Rennie calls home, so will you. Step out of the building’s attended lobby, and you and your pal are greeted with wide pavements and tree-lined boulevards. They lead to the numerous dog-friendly green spaces that pepper the area. A five-minute stroll gets you to St. Nicholas Park, an elongated oasis with designated dog runs, where your pooch can be let off the leash and allowed to roam free. Head east for languorous waterside walks along the Harlem River, or venture south to find Morningside Park with its duck ponds and enchanting Seligman Fountain. Who said walkies had to be a chore?

Spoiled NYC dogs get just as much of a kick out of retail therapy as their owners. Take your buddy along to Pet Ark and browse everything from wellness dog food to a brand-new Valentine’s costume (though, let’s be honest, dressing them up any time of the year is fun). By Harlem River Park, you’ll find Petland Discounts, harboring all manner of chew toys, comfy dog beds, and even special tropical cologne (just in case your furry pal is planning a night on the town). Royal Pet Care is another place to add to your address book; it offers nutritional advice, arranges vet appointments and vaccinations, and has a range of organic pet food for sale. It’s a good place to know — no matter what kind of pet you have.

On-Site Pet Facility
And did we mention that The Rennie itself is something of a haven for pets and their people? If your pal is in need of a bath and fluff, you can use the convenient on-site pet facility, rather than submitting your bathtubs and sinks to the inevitable anti-soap-and-water antics. (If you’re not into all that splashing, you can bring in an on-the-go pet groomer.) After that (and probably a few treats), your clean and happy pet will start ruling the roost again — bossing you around right there in your luxury apartment at The Rennie Harlem! Still, you’ve got to love them.